We make approx. 35 000 decision per day many of which impact not only us but our surroundings and natural environment.

What if we told you that some of these simple, everyday decisions could make your life healthier and benefit the environment simultaneously? What if we added that by making the right decision everyday you can have direct impact on the world...? 


With “1st Drop” we help you to make that decision for yourself and for the planet effortlessly. Each of our products reduces your environmental impact, helps the marine life to prosper, save the life of fishes and birds... and comes back to us in the form of fresher air, cleaner water, healthier, more nutritious food and ultimately longer lives.

Sounds too good to be true? Believe me you have that choice every day.



1stDrop is not just an environmentally friendly organization, which brings you eco-friendly product for your everyday beauty routine. 1stDrop it's a statement. It is a message you send to the world each time you commit yourself to our sustainable products. It is a memo of hope, which stands against the biggest environmental threats of XXI century: water plastic pollution, air pollution, deforestation, soil degradation and biodiversity loss...to name just a few.

1st DROP


Each of our products represent a drop of clean water for you, your family, your friends, the animals and finally for the whole planet. It represents your commitment. Your clean “drop” of water NOT contaminated with microplastics, free of pesticides, safe for marine life and finally safe for all living creatures.




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